A very warm welcome to the website of the Norfolk Flyfishers’ Club.

The Lake is now closed until further notice.

Dear All,

In light of the further government restrictions announced this evening, and despite its wish to keep the lake open for as long as possible for the health and well being of the NFC membership, the Committee has concluded that it can do nothing more than announce that Holkham Lake is closed for fishing with immediate effect, and that members are strongly advised not to visit the lake until told otherwise!

I am personally sorry it has come to this, but really the Committee had no choice and little room for manoeuvre.

More news will follow as and when we get decisions about fish stocking etc.

I should be grateful if members would pass on this message to those who you know that might not have e-mail.

Best Regards,

David S

Vacancies for this season.

The Club welcomes new members and there are still a few vacancies for the this year.

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