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The Lake is now open.


1.    The Pavilion is to be considered completely closed until further notice. However, two chairs will be positioned – one at either end of the verandah – for limited use by members should they wish to ‘rest’ there; on the understanding that these chairs are not to be re-positioned during the period of use.

2.    Members should bring their own sustenance to the lake rather than using the Pavilion facilities.

3.    The Signing-in Hut will be open for members’ use, but solely for the purpose of signing in and out of the lake and recording the number of fish caught. Weights of individual fish should be estimated (rather than weighed on the scales). Time spent in the Signing-in Hut is to be kept to an absolute minimum with only one member in and around the vicinity of the Hut at any one time. A ‘collective’ pen will continue to be provided to sign-in and out, but see below regarding the use of gloves. The facilities in the Signing-in Hut are to be kept clean and tidy at all times – any further examples of the sort littering etc experienced before the lock down will not be tolerated.

4.    Similarly, the toilet will remain open for use, but members are asked to use it only in extremis, and also to keep it spotlessly clean and tidy!

5.    Disposable gloves are to be worn at all times: when locking/unlocking the Worthing Road, Car Park and Haul Road gates; when using the Signing-in Hut and/or toilet, and when using the chairs on the Pavilion verandah.  Hand gel (if available) should also be used to cleanse hands following removal of gloves and periodically throughout members’ visits to the lake, and your own antiseptic hand wipes should be used to wipe down locks and keys etc before and after use.

6.    Cars are to be positioned at least 2 metres apart within the car park and/or lakeside if permitted.

7.    Members are not to tackle up in the car park, but should do so when they arrive at their selected swim(s), having first signed in under normal procedures.

8.    A 2-metre minimum social distancing rule is to be applied at all times during members’ visits to the lake  – without exception – BUT anglers are to remain at least 5 metres apart, and (in line with Angling Trust advice) preferably 15 metres apart if at all possible, when actually fishing.  There is not sufficient room for two anglers to use the ‘ Point’ or ‘Gravels’ swims at the same time, and, if spaces permit, anglers should only use alternate swims. 

9.   Guest tickets are now allowed allowed for fly and/or coarse fishing. Also members are allowed to use such tickets and/or extension tickets once they have reached their seasonal limits.

10.    Members will still be able to bring their partners to the lake on the understanding that the partners are actually residing with the member concerned; and that they do not socialise within 2 metres with other members present.

11.    No competitions will be allowed until further notice.

These rules will remain in force until advised otherwise by the Committee, and failure to adhere to them will be met with the severest of sanctions, not only for the miscreant but also, possibly, for the Club as a whole!  Therefore, while I respect the fact that they sound draconian, and not everyone will agree with them, they are necessary if we are to continue pursuing the sport we have all missed so much.

As I have mentioned, the lake is currently ‘full’ of fish but, depending on water temperature and catch rates this week, we plan to have a further injection of fish on Friday 15th, and possibly a further two at weekly intervals during the rest of the month. All you have to do is catch them!!


Tight Lines,

David S

NFC Secretary


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