Fishing Reports

Fishing Reports


Fishery Report 3rd – 15th January 2020

Well sad to say but as I write this our lake is flooded for the second time in 3 weeks with the unprecedented rainfall on Tuesday night causing the river to rise by a good 2 feet and burst it’s bank throughout the Wensum Valley. I understand all the platforms are covered but the water is reasonably clear and fishing with care is allowed. It will be interesting to see if our fish feed as well in this flood as they did three weeks ago during the last one when some very respectable bags were taken. Up to the flood 68 trout had been taken in this period to 53  rod visits with nearly all the fish taken being 2lb + with the biggest rainbow weighing 3lb 4 oz and the best brownie (picture on this website) weighing 4lb 7 oz. A really lovely conditioned fish – well done Graham.

The most effective methods would seem to be an intermediate / Di 3 line fished about 6 or 7 feet down with small lures such as cats whiskers; orange tadpole; damsel or fry pattern producing fish. I also did hear of a fish or two being taken on a black buzzer fished deep on a floating line and longish leader to ‘get down a bit’. Spots that I know have produced fish during this period are the west bank towards the north west corner; the swims between the small island on the north bank and cromer pier; the swims in the reeds at the east end; the last four platforms at the bottom of the south bank and the swims just in front of the club hut. Season to date has seen 7432 fish stocked and 4982 caught giving a stocked v caught figure of 67%. Let’s hope that the last 4 weeks of the season can continue to provide some reasonable fishing for those hardy ones who like the challenge that winter fishing can provide and help to put a percentage or two on our catch returns.

Roger 15.01.2020


Fishery report from  17th December 2019 to 2nd January 2020

Firstly may I start by saying that I hope you have a had a good Christmas and may I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year. This period has produced 111 fish to 78 rod visits with 98 of the trout caught being 2lb +. The best fish was a lovely rainbow of 3lb 8 oz closely followed by a brownie of  3lb 7 oz. For our season to date 7432 fish have been stocked with 4864 caught. This gives a % of 66% with 6 weeks of the season still to run. We may well get up to about 68% for our season but this is down on our normal stock v catch return of 75 % to 80%, figures we have enjoyed in the past. This is probably due to a number of factors but the very warm water (up to 24 degrees C) during the summer months most certainly contributed to this lower return and indicates that we did suffer some fish losses. Talking about the weather, what variety we have had over our festive break. We started with clear settled weather and then the rain set in causing the lake to rise by nearly two feet as the Wensum and IDB ditch flooded and pushed excess water into our fishery. Fortunately  the damage to our fishery has been fairly minor and as the water rushing in was fairly clear the lake did not colour up much. And how our trout loved this extra water over their heads! The hardy few who braved the high water conditions had some excellent sport with one member catching seven in about an hour’s fishing. The levels have gone down now and are nearly back to normal with all platforms clear and the decent fishing continues. I and three others were down yesterday (Thursday) and we had  a dozen lovely fish averaging 2.5 lb plus between us in a short spell of fishing. Depth was key with sinking lines fished near the bottom proving most successful. As to patterns again, many and varied with white and green snakes; cats whisker; damsel and grey minkie all producing fish. The south bank from the point down to the east bank and the swims on the east bank have been favourite but I am sure when conditions are suitable the north bank gravels contains a fish or two. Not many members have fished there lately by all accounts. Please note that owing to the amount of rain we have had members cannot take their cars around the lake other than on the south bank from the access gate by the haul road to the club hut.  This position will be reviewed on a weekly basis.

So summing up the floods ironically seem to have improved the fishing and catch returns and with settled weather forecast for a few days yet there is no reason why a few more fish should not be added to your bag and to the seasons tally. Let’s hope so anyway.



Well starting with our Winter Christmas Fayre Match on Sunday 15th December what a closely fought match it was. 27 Anglers fished and weighed in 19 trout for 49 lbs giving an average weight of 2.5 lbs per trout with the best, a lovely brownie of 3lb 7 oz caught by Terry Maidstone who won the heaviest fish award. .Top Rod on the day was Mel Mammone with 3 trout for 7lb 7 oz. In second spot, only ounces behind, was Richard Moore with 3 trout for 6lb 14 oz and third with 2 trout for 5lb was Kevin Kingston Miles. Most fish caught were taken deep on sinking lines and it was very interesting to see the patterns that caught fish. Mel caught on a salmon cascade pattern and Terry on a clouser Minnow pattern, two patterns rarely used for trout and probably never used before at our Fishery. Perhaps we all become a bit ‘too stereotyped’ in our approach and patterns at times. Sometimes perhaps our fish just ‘want something different’!!!!.  Owing to the strong winds on the day we could only fish the south bank but although only 19 trout were taken it was interesting to note that these were caught throughout the match length indicating that the fish are well spread out around the lake and that there, at present anyway, is no real ‘hot spot’. The match was again a really great social day out culminating in a fine snack lunch of sandwiches; sausage rolls; mince pies and cake, washed down with mulled wine, coffee and tea and  ably prepared and served by Fred, Andrew and Joan. Many thanks to them and all others who helped to make this such a friendly and enjoyable day out. Also to all Members who continue to support our matches- it really is appreciated by me.

During the rest of this period the fish have remained quite challenging to say the least. 62 visits resulted in 44 fish giving a rod average of under 1 fish per visit. Although members have reported seeing fair numbers of fish rising most have been out of casting range and the trout seem reluctant to come near to  the bank as they have done in previous winters. Sunken lines now seem to be the method with lures such as snakes in white/green or black/ green; goldhead olive damsels; black fritz tadpoles or cats whisker type patterns. Mel’s cascade basically incorporates the colours: black, orange and yellow with a bit of sparkle and Terry’s clouser minnow was white/green with a few strands of sparkle. As regards to best areas, as I said earlier, the match showed fish to be in quite a few areas along the south bank. These included the top bay fishing from swims on the haul road; the second and third swims down from the point; the 2 swims just up from the club hut; the third  and fourth swims down from the club hut and the last four swims at the eastern end of the south bank. I also know of a fish or two being caught from the gravels on the north bank when the wind was favourable.

This could well be our last report before Christmas so may I take this opportunity to wish you all a  very  happy and joyous time over the Christmas break.



Well this period of 12 days has seen 118 rod visits account for 164 trout with the best just under 4lbs and 156 of 2lb + with a ‘good few’ 3 pounders thrown  in. Lovely conditioned fish they are too and all are giving a good account of themselves when hooked with one or two  members reporting  ‘being taken down to the backing’ by the hard fighting fish. Location, location remains the key with small shoals of fish inhabiting certain areas. These recently have included the swims just up from the Club Hut; the west bank from the willow to the north west corner and the gravels and cromer pier on the north bank. As to what to use well fish have been taken on floating lines with buzzers, gold heads such as small damsels and weighted cats whisker and   intermediates with small lures in black and green; orange and white. I am sure also other patterns have caught so do be prepared to vary your methods. This was ably illustrated over this last 12 days as the Saturday before last I was down and buzzers were ‘ the thing to have on’, last Saturday small lures were working best with very few takes on buzzers. So in a nutshell be prepared to go looking to find the fish; explore different depths and be prepared to change patterns. In other words to get the best out of the current fishing ‘flexibility in your approach’ is a key factor. Also at present best times would seem to be from late morning to early afternoon with very little taken either early or late.


Well the last 10 days has seen some members having very respectable catches with 62 visits resulting in 139 trout caught thus giving a rod average of 2.2 trout per rod visit.  128 of these were 2lb + with a good sprinkling of 3 pounders and the best fish was a lovely brownie of 4lb 6 oz. Good to see a brownie or two now showing up in catches. Successful patterns have been many and varied with fish being taken on daddies; crunchers; buzzers; sparkle nymphs; montanas and cats whisker ( and other patterns I am sure!). Most fish continue to be caught in the top couple of feet of water so floating lines remain favourite. Best spots continue to be the north bank on / adjacent to the gravels; the west bank by the willow and the south bank between the point and the club hut. A further stocking of 330 fish averaging just over 2 lbs was put in last week so there are still plenty of fish left in the lake to ‘go at’.  Morning seems the favourite time and best catches seem to be coming out where there is some ripple on the water. While the weather remains settled there is no reason why some good soport cannot be enjoyed but do please remember that location and depth are key to success particularly at this time of year.

Norfolk Fly Fishers' Club