Fishing Reports

Fishing Reports

19th October 2021

Well slowly and gradually our water temperatures are coming down (14 degrees C today Tuesday) and the water is clearing. This is now starting to be reflected in the catches where over the last 9 days 65 visits have resulted in 88 trout with the best just on 4lbs with a sprinkling of 3 pounders being caught. The best areas seem to be the west bank from the large willow to the north west corner; the gravels and cromer pier on the north bank  and just by the club hut on the south bank. Fish remain near the top  and smallish flies like hares ear; crunchers and daiwl bachs have all taken fish to the best of my knowledge. One factor that a number of members have observed and commented on is that a lot of the fish showing are a long way out and being able  to cast a long line is most certainly, at present anyway, advantageous. Let’s hope they move closer inshore as the weather turns cooler. Unfortunately we  had to delay the stocking planned for this week to next week when a further 400 plus fish are planned to go in. These should average over 2lb plus and will make the total we have put in since we started stocking again in late September to about 1250 fish. If we look at total stocking for season excluding next weeks stocking we have put in 5907 fish and to date caught 3610 fish. Even allowing for some inevitable losses during the summer months these fish stocked v fish caught figures indicate that there is a good head of fish in our lake and I am sure we will see catches continue to improve as the colder weather creeps in  – however as I have said before and inevitably at some time will say again ‘let’s hope so anyway’!!

Roger 19/10/21

9th October 2021

Firstly may I start with our individual and pairs match held on Sunday 3rd October 2021. May I thank all the 33 members who supported this event and not only brought raffle prizes but also contributed nearly £200.00 in the purchase of raffle tickets. Many,  many thanks for your generosity which  was much appreciated. We all had a lovely day (despite the difficult fishing) and were well fed and watered by Andrew; David , Pat and Eric who worked wonders with the cooking and dishing out of delicious BBQ food and cake. Unfortunately despite 448 trout averaging 2.2 lbs going in a few days before the match only 15 fish were taken by the 33 competitors. This was probably due to t he water still being a bit coloured with an algal bloom. Still fish were caught and prizes won as follows:-

Individual Match

1st  Sam Mallett 3 fish 4lb 14 oz

2nd Cliff Hudson 1 fish 2lb 6 oz

3rd John Matthews 1 fish 2lb 5 oz

4th Andrew Gibb 1 fish 2lb 4 oz.

Heaviest Fish – Cliff Hudson 2lb 6 oz

Pairs Result

1st Sam Mallett and Paul Bultitude-  3 fish 4lb 14 oz

2nd Judy Ford and Paddy Garrett –   2 fish 4lb 3 oz

Since the first stocking on the 28th September a further 409 fish averaging 2.5 lbs in weight went in on Tuesday 5th October and a further similar quantity are planned for Tuesday 19th October. Water temperatures continue to fall being just on 16 degrees C when I checked today and the lake is clearing albeit quite slowly. This continues to be the main reason why catches over the last two weeks have been a bit low (catches including the match were 77 fish to 81 visits) despite the two  injections of new fish. Encouraging though was the fact that when I was down today (Sunday) getting the figures I noticed that the 5 rods that fished today caught 12 fish with quite a few fish reported moving on top.  Best area seemed to be the west bank and top north west corner proving to be a hot spot. We just hope that our water continues to clear so that members can start to enjoy the good back end sport that we know our lake is well capable of providing.

Roger – 10/10/21

Fishery Report at 9 th September 2021

Well before I talk about our ‘elusive trout’ may I just say on behalf of myself and NFC Committee a huge thank you to the 27 Members plus some Guests who gave up some or all of their valuable time  over the last two weekends and helped with ‘the rod and lining’ to help reduce stocks of small roach and rudd in our Lake. And what a magnificent contribution they made catching just on an estimated  4100 small fish over that 4 day period. Although we all know that this is a small % of  coarse fish stocks in the lake removing such a significant number hopefully can only have a longer term benefit to our Fishery. In addition to all the small fish some super tench of over 6lbs; roach to just on 2lbs and rudd to 1.5 lbs were also caught. These larger fish were returned to our lake and all the small fish were transferred to an adjacent Fishery. Again many, many thanks to you all who gave up your time and fished – it really is appreciated.

Now onto our dear old trout, or should I say lack of them. Only 4 fish have been recorded as being caught in the last 14 days although very, very few members have bothered to fish. I suspect most of you are waiting for the stocking to commence again and as indicated in the last report this resumes on Tuesday 28th September with further stockings planned for  w.c 3rd and 10th October weather and water conditions permitting. Our water temperatures  continue to go down (17 degrees C last Sunday ) although we do still have a slight algal bloom which we hope will continue to clear before fish go in. It was heartening to see when we were coarse fishing last Sunday quite a bit of surface feeding activity from the resident fish, something we have not seen for some time.

Do please remember our trout match and BBQ  planned for Sunday 3rd October – full details were in David’s last Newsletter. Closing date for entries is Monday 27th September. Either put your name down on the Registration sheet pinned up in our weighing in kiosk or ring me to register on 01362 858315 or e mail Remember close of play on the 27th September is the deadline for entries.

Anyway let’s hope that my next report in a fortnight will show evidence of our trout again taking a fancy to the many different patterns of fur and feather that we throw at them and members can again start to enjoy the good trout fishing that our water normally produces in its’ autumn and winter periods- let’s hope so anyway.

Kind regards to you all


Norfolk Fly Fishers' Club