Fishing Reports

Fishing Reports


Well clear cool water has most certainly livened up our catch rate and this last 9 days has seen 220 trout caught with a rod average of just on 2 per visit. It is also great to see some limit bags now showing in returns- the first ones for months!!! Super quality fish are being caught with the vast majority 2lb + and a good sprinkling of 3 pounders. Most fish caught have been near the surface or definitely within the top two feet of water so floating lines have proved most popular. As to patterns to use these have been many and varied with depth, speed of retrieve and location being the main things to concentrate on. I know of fish being caught on buzzers;  daiwl bachs; black and  green montana; foam bodied daddies;  shiphams; hoppers; damsels  and orange lures and I expect other patterns have caught also. Top spots remain on the north bank gravels and adjacent swims; the south bank from point to club hut and the middle of the west bank. Members have also seen some decent rises by the outlet but I am not aware of many fish being caught in that area. Fishing in a ripple where possible has provided best sport although quite a few fish are showing when conditions are calm although these are proving more choosy! A further stocking is planned during this month (date to be agreed) so the decent fishing should hopefully continue and help make up for those dour, desperate and disappointing summer months.

Roger – 6.11.19


Thankfully and at long last the water continues to clear and the fishing has improved with over 70 fish taken since the last report. I popped down today to have a look and one member had 5 lovely fish in a couple of hours and most anglers who have fished over the last couple of days have had a fish or two. Floating lines with small nymphs and hoppers seem favourite with the west bank  and south bank up from the club hut to the point proving most popular and productive. A further stocking of fish is planned for this week so since 24th September in excess of 1400 fish have gone in. A further stocking is scheduled but date has still to be agreed. Quite a few of the fish that have survived the hot weather are starting to show and these can be easily recognised as they are quite long and thin. Hopefully with cooler water and with them starting to feed their condition may improve- lets hope so anyway.



Well since 24th September just over 1000 Rainbows averaging just over 2lbs in weight have been stocked with a further 350 approximately planned for next week. However catches still are not quite reflecting stocks in lake probably due to the water still carrying a bit of brown algal bloom. Temperature is now fine at 12 degrees and dissolved oxygen levels well within acceptable paremeters.  Hopefully the cooler nights forecast should continue to help the water to clear which inevitably will improve the fishing. The fish are moving around in small shoals and those anglers who have managed to locate a shoal have enjoyed some good sport with others who are away from the shoal have struggled. Pattern has not been as important as location and most fish are being caught in the top foot or two of water so they are not deep. Floating lines with hares ear; black buzzer; black hoppers; dry and goldhead daddies; small minkies and damsels have all taken their share of fish with the north bank in the gravels area and the west bank currently being the most productive and popular.

Last Sunday saw the Frank Wright Memorial pairs match with 13 teams battling it out for the coveted Shield. Well done to Jack Butcher and Paddy Garrett who caught 5 trout totalling 10lb 6 oz to take top spot. Second with 3 fish for 7lb 3 oz was John Mack and David Chalkley. Third with 3 fish was Sam Mallett and Kevin Kingston- Miles with 6lb 14 oz. Top rod on the day was Sam Mallett with 3 fish for 6lb 14 oz and heaviest was 2lb 14 oz taken by Luis de Souza. Well done to all you winners. Despite the inclement weather everyone seemed to enjoy themselves with super refreshments provided by Andrew ably assisted in the kitchen by Joan and Pat. Many thanks to all of you competitors who attended the match and supported the raffle so well.

Roger 15/10/19