Fishing Reports

Fishing Reports

Fishery Report at 13th April 2021- This last week has seen 67 rods account for 161 trout giving a rod visit catch of 2.4 fish per visit. 122 of these were 2lbs and over and 13 over 3lbs. Best fish was just on 4lbs.  1677 fish have been taken season to date with 3424 stocked. A further 459 were stocked today the 13th April making  a total season stocking of 3883. No stocking will take place next week but a delivery is planned for 27th April. The fish are now hard on buzzers and showing well. Members fishing a couple of  lightish weight black buzzers have done well although the old ‘black and green lure’ pulled fairly quickly is still catching. I also know of fish being taken from right in the surface film on shiphams and various emergers. Fish are well spread around the lake but probably the most productive areas have been the swims on the south bank just up and down from the club hut; the top bay; the west bank from the willow to north west corner and the gravels and adjacent swims on the north bank.  Wind direction and strength obviously play a bit part on where and how you can fish so again please do be prepared to move around if your ‘favorite spot’ is not producing.

Enjoy your fishing


Fishery Report for 6th April

This last week saw 106 visits resulting in  206 trout being taken. 169 of these were 2lbs and over with 24 being 3lbs +. Best fish weighed just on 5lbs. Total caught season to date is 1516 with 2966  stocked.  A further 458 were put in yesterday (6th April) making a total stocking to date of 3424.  On the milder less windy days members reported seeing lots of fish rising although at times these could be quite challenging to catch. From what I can gather when the fish were up they tended to be in the top foot or so and flies fished deeply did not seem to score. To keep the flies ‘up’  the washing line method proved successful. For those of you unfamiliar with this method it entails using a buoyant fly on the point (small boobies are good) with one or two lightish  weight buzzers or nymphs on the dropper. The buoyant booby holds everything up and presents your nymphs in the surface film or just below it.  A slow figure of eight or long slow draw retrieve seems to work well. Having said all that I am sure other members have caught using different techniques so the message really is to keep your eyes open and see what the successful members are doing and please do not be afraid to ask ‘those who are doing well’ what and how they are catching. I have not met any members yet who are not prepared to give this sort of information and indeed they might even give you ‘the secret pattern’! However as I have said before, and make no apologies for repeating, location of the fish and depth you fish probably are the two most important factors in our sport.

Anyway with the stock levels in the lake as they are at present and given the right conditions members should continue to enjoy some good fishing.

Roger 6/4/21

Fishery Report w/e 27/3/21

92 rod visits have resulted in 309 Trout being taken giving a rod average of 3.4 fish per rod visit. 255 of these have been 2lb+ with 42 over 3lbs. Largest fish taken were 2 at 6lbs. Including the stocking that took place this week on 30/3/21 we have stocked 2966 fish season to date with 1310 being taken up to 27/3/21. More and more members are reporting seeing rising fish and buzzer hatches coming off. However this is not happening every day and when it has been bright and sunny the fish have tended to ‘go down a bit’ and not show so much. Successful tactics are really the same as last week with location and depth fly is fished at being the two key elements.  When the fish have been ‘up’ floating lines with buzzers and nymph patterns have been successful. When fish were ‘down a bit’ the sinking lines in a range of densities, fished with lure patterns, have probably been ‘the best bet’. Best spots also remain similar as to last report. The last 4 platforms on the south bank; the east bank by the outlet; the north bank by cromer pier and the gravels; the top north west corner and the top bay have all produced fish as have the swims just up and down from the Club Pavilion. Further stocking is planned for next week (w.c 5th April) so with the head of fish present in the lake and of course the right weather conditions occurring there is no reason why members should not continue to enjoy the good fishing.

Roger 30.3.21

Fishery Report at 23/03/21

This last week has seen some really super fishing with trout now spreading all around the lake and buzzer hatches starting to come off. In fact three fish I spooned were full of buzzers and lots of fish are now being seen feeding near the top. 77 visits have resulted in 295 trout being taken, giving a rod average of 3.8 fish per rod visit. 256 of these were 2lb and over; 39 were 3lbs +  with the best weighing just on 5lbs – super quality fish indeed.  To date 2501 fish have been stocked with 1001 taken. No fish are going in this week but a further stocking is planned for next so there should be plenty of fish ‘to go at’. Although fish are now spreading out well there will always be hot spots in a lake of our size. Currently from what I have seen and heard the most productive areas would seem to be all of the east bank by the outlet; the first 5 platforms on the north bank; the swims by the little island on the west bank; the top bay on the south bank; the swims just up and below the Club Hut and the last 4 platforms at the bottom of the south bank . However I am sure some members will have caught from areas other than these. As to best methods, well these remain many and varied. Lures on intermediate and slow sink lines continue to produce; boobies on high D lines have caught as have floating lines with goldhead patterns. However with fish now switching on to buzzers and starting to show more and more members are switching to floating lines with buzzers; hares ear; daiwl bach and crunchers. Also I know that fish, when they have been on top, have been caught high in the water on patterns such as cdc emergers; shiphams and shuttlecocks – so it really is, at the moment, ‘pick your own method’!  

Anyway with the head of fish in the lake and more going in next week there is no reason why ‘our good fishing’ should not continue. Let’s hope so anyway!!  


Fishery Report for w.e 13th March 2021 

Another pretty good week with 64 rod visits accounting for 188 trout taken. 161 of these were 2lb +  with 19 over 3lbs. Best fish weighed 4.5 lbs. Fish taken to date totals 706 with 2501 stocked including those that have gone in this week. No stocking is scheduled for next week but will again commence on 30th March. Best areas are still the top bay; the middle of the west bank; the first 3 platforms on the north bank (coming up from the east end of Lake) and the last 4 or 5 platforms at the bottom of the south bank. The cool winds we have had of late have kept the fish down with little surface activity seen. Intermediates and slow sink lines are still proving most productive with the early season lure patterns in black and green; white and green and olive proving most popular. The fish are now spreading more around the lake and there is no reason why the good (albeit chilly and cold) fishing should not continue.


Norfolk Fly Fishers' Club