Fishing Reports

Fishery Report at 18th May 2022

The last ten days has seen the good fishing continuing with 135 rod visits catching 398 Trout giving a rod average of  2.9 fish per rod visit. 340 of these were 2lbs +with the best just on 4lbs. The delivery of fish planned for next week was brought forward to yesterday (Tuesday) making the stocking to date 4450 fish with 2535 caught to date. As mentioned in my last report this is the final spring stocking and no more will be going in until probably late September. Based on stocking v caught and allowing for some predation we estimate there is probably 1800 fish in the lake which is the maximum number we would want to go into the summer months with so there are still plenty to go at. Best methods over the last ten days would seem to be floating lines with smallish  (size 10 and under) patterns in black and green such as montanas or cormorants ; small goldheads in olive or white and green; hares ears; red or black daiwl bachs; red buzzers and if the fish are right on top a small midas or emergers such as bobs bits; shuttlecocks or popper hoppers especially if there is a bit of a ripple on. Favourite areas have been the top bay on the haul road swims;  the first 3 platforms at the top of the south bank; the top north west corner; the gravels on the north bank; the swims in the reeds at the east end and the swims just up and down from the club hut although fish are being taken from most areas of the lake.

This Sunday should see Members competing for the Eric Kett Memorial Trophy. The match starts at 9am and finishes at 1 pm. If you are fishing on Sunday but do not want to enter the match could I please ask that you do not fish on any of the numbered pegs set out either before or during the Match. It is just not fair on competitors to arrive at their peg and find it has been fished either before or during the match by a non- competitor – thank you.


Fishery Report at 9th May 2022

Another good week with some excellent top of the water and nymph and buzzer fishing. 88 Member visits resulted in 284 trout being caught with 250  of these being 2lb or over and 37 of the 284 being 3lbs and over. Best was a super 5 pounder.  Ignoring Browns caught and returned  3957 trout have now been stocked (460 went in yesterday (Monday) and 2153 caught. One further stocking of approximately 450 fish is planned for 24th May and this will complete our spring stocking schedule. As most of you already know from experience we do not stock over June; July and August as water temperatures increase and one thing we do know is that trout in our lake ‘just do not like warm water’ (anything above 18 degrees C) and they just switch off the feed making it futile, a waste of money and unfair on the fish to stock during warm water periods. Anyway back to last week and lot’s of the fish caught have been taken near the top with hares ear nymphs; daiwl bachs and red or green buzzers fished on a floating line doing well. Dry Daddies; Bob’s Bits and shuttlecocks have also caught when the fish have been right on top. When they are down a bit the good old ‘washing line method’ with a buoyant fly on the point and a couple of light nymphs on the droppers (fished almost static) has worked well. Again though a floating line and goldhead such as a gold head damsel or similar continues to catch. A number of members have again commented on how well the fish are fighting and how some of the takes are ‘quite arm wrenching’!. We do advise to avoid break ups and,  unless you are very experienced in fishing with light gear,   to consider not using any leaders under 8lb breaking strain as none of us, I am sure, want to leave hooks and line training in fish that have broken us up. 

Anyway let’s hope that the good fishing currently being enjoyed  continues throughout May and hopefully into June and we manage to continue to make inroads into the good head of fish left in the lake before the ‘dog days of summer’ set in.


Fishery Report at 3rd May 2022

Last week saw 214 trout caught by the 79 rod visits giving a rod average of 2.7 fish per visit. 184 trout were 2lbs or over and of these 31 were 3lb or above.  Most days particularly when it has been mild and overcast have seen fish rising and most fish have been taken fairly high in the water with small nymphs and emergers catching well. Damsels have also produced and small gold heads in black and green; olive; orange or white and green have all caught fish. The west bank   and north bank by cromer pier have been productive but fish are well spread around the lake. Our fish do move around quickly and often a good spot yesterday could well produce a blank the next day so do be prepared to move around if you are not catching and fish are not showing in front of you. Next stocking is planned for 9th May when about 500 fish are scheduled to go in thus ensuring we continue with  plenty in the lake still to go at !


Fishery Report at 26th April 2022

Firstly congratulations to Bill Bailey on catching our tagged rainbow of  6lb 4 oz – enjoy the whisky Bill! Anyway another good week last week with 92 rod visits catching 338 trout giving a rod average of 3.7 fish per rod.  To date 3197 trout have been stocked with another delivery of approx. 500 planned for Today (Tuesday) and 1715 taken. Biggest fish last week was the 6lb 4oz fish taken by Bill and 301 fish caught were 2lb and over. To date 135 Rainbows and 54 browns have been caught and returned. Fish continue to be spread across the lake and  a variety of methods are catching including gold head damsels on floating or intermediate lines and floating lines with  small nymphs such as buzzers and daiwl bachs. The fish still remain fairly high in the water so there is no need to fish too deep. Further stockings are planned for 10th and 24th May but this could vary based on weekly catch rates. 

Enjoy your fishing.


Fishery Report at 11th April 2022

This last week has seen the ‘pretty good fishing’ continue with 69 rod visits recording 192 trout giving a rod visit average of 2.8 fish per visit. 171 fish were 2lb + of which 22 were 3lb and over with the best a lovely fish of 6lb 4 oz. Based on fish stocked this season against fish caught the lake still holds about 1800 trout with a further delivery of 390 planned for Tuesday of this week. To date 57 rainbows and 36 Brownies have been caught and released. I have not been able to get down this last week but from what I can gather floating lines with buzzers; daiwl bachs and hares ear seem to be catching their fair share of fish.   Also fish do seem to be fairly well spread around the lake although obviously there will be some ‘flyers’ that will produce more fish than others so it pays to keep on the move if you are not catching. The lake is still a bit coloured but the fish seem to have acclimatised to it and are in super fit condition and I heard from a member who spooned his fish and they were full of buzzers – a good sign indeed.




Norfolk Fly Fishers' Club