FISHERY REPORT 14th to 21st MARCH 2020

Fishery Report 14th to 21st March 2020- Firstly and very importantly our Lake does remain open for fishing but it is imperative that all members and guests  follow the strict coronavirus procedures that David Shannon,  our Secretary,  has e mailed to all members and displayed on posters on the Club Pavilion and Weighing in Hut Doors.  Your Committee will continue to review these procedures on a regular basis.

Now with regards to the fishing, another good week with 235 fish taken with a rod average of just on three fish per visit. Best fish taken was a lovely rainbow of 6.75 lbs and there were plenty of 2 to 3lb fish and a sprinkling of ‘4 ‘s thrown in for good measure. Weekly stocking will continue and to date 2320 fish have been stocked with 785 fish taken. Intermediates and slow sink lines with small lures and boobies again proved successful but more and more members are moving over to floating/midge tip lines with buzzers and nymphs. Some good buzzer hatches are taking place particulary round about the 11 am to 2 pm period and members have reported seeing quite a few fish ‘on top’. Fish seem to be well spread around the lake and I have heard of fish being taken from the large willow below the club hut down to the end of the south bank; the reeds on the east bank; cromer pier and the gravels on the north bank and by the willow in the middle of the west bank. Also I know of one good catch taken on the peninsula in the first bay on the left and fishing down towards the east bank. However it is still cold and fish will continue to shoal up a bit so do ‘make a move’ if you and others around you are not catching. Finally do keep safe, look after yourselves and please do all you can whilst at our fishery to implement the essential coronavirus prevention measures your committee have laid out to you all.

Roger – 21/03/20