Fishery Report at 23td September 2020

400 Rainbows and a few Brownies went in last week to supplement the existing stocks remaining in lake. We all hoped that this would liven things up a bit and although a few were caught (18 caught  to 17 rod visits) I fear the present coloured green algal bloom in the water  has prevented more feeding. Our quarry as you all know tend not to like coloured water as it makes it very difficult for them to see our fly / lure patterns. A further stocking is planned for next Tuesday (29th September) and we all do so hope that the cooler and wet weather forecast over the next few days will help the algal bloom start to disperse. If not I fear that the challenging fishing will continue until such time as the water clears. Further stockings are then planned during October and possibly into November.

The coarse fishing has now finished until 1st November when Pike Fishing Only is allowed along with our trout fishing. Thanks to all of you who helped remove small roach and rudd from the Lake by rod and lining recently and particularly to Dennis Willis who organised the 2 day event. Over 1600 small roach  and rudd were successfully transferred to two adjoining fisheries. We are constantly looking for best ways to reduce our small coarse fish population but at present, owing to nature and contours of our lake,  rod and lining would seem to be the only practical option. However we would gladly welcome any ideas members may have as we recognise rod and lining will only make a very small dent in the lake populations.

Anyway let’s hope the lake soon clears and we can all start to enjoy some good autumn  and back end season fishing.