Fishery Report 22nd June to 1st July

Well ‘cometh the cloud, rain, wind and cooler weather and cometh the trout’ would seem to sum up this last 9 days of  fishing. Last weeks returns were abyssmal to say the least with only 10 trout caught by 46 rods. As we all know last week was a time of brilliant sunshine, high water temperatures (at 21 degrees on one day) and absolutely great weather for a host of outdoor activities but not fishing I am afraid.   And how our results reflected this!!

But from Monday of this week came the cloud and cooler weather, water temperature dropped to 18 degrees C and fish started being caught particularly along the north bank where a large shoal of feeding fish could be observed (probably chasing pin fry). Members who located this shoal have had some wonderful sport with catches of four or five fish averaging well over 2lbs being fairly common. I have just had a report today (Wednesday) from a member who fished the north bank today and she and four other members took a total of over 20 super fish for  their morning session. Successful tactics would seem to be floating / slow sink lines with damsels; orange blobs or other orange coloured patterns proving favourites. The fish are high in the water and with the forecast being cool and cloudy for the next few days are likely to remain so. So summing up this latest weather pattern is affording us the opportunity of some good sport but you may well have to be observant, locate the shoals feeding high in the water and, as happened today apparently, be prepared to move around and ‘ follow the fish’.

Remember that Coarse Fishing is allowed in our Lake from this Saturday 4th July. Fishing must take place only from the platforms marked (COARSE FISHING ALLOWED) and members must comply with the rules as shown in the weighing in kiosk. NO KEEPNETS ARE ALLOWED and all fish must be returned immediately to the Lake after capture.

Roger  – 01/07/20