Fishery Report at Saturday 30th May 2020

Well the hot, sunny weather, as expected, has certainly brought catches down a bit. This last six day period has seen 76 rod visits account for 186 trout with the vast majority of fish taken being caught ‘deep down’. A further 415 trout were stocked last Tuesday and based on total stocking of 4115 put in since February 2020 and 1874  caught to date our lake should hold in the region of 2200 Trout which equates to just over 100 fish per acre. This is the top level we want to go into the summer months with particularly bearing in mind the current water temperature of 18 degrees C and with continued warm weather forecast for next few days.

So how do we go about trying to catch these remaining trout. Well I know everybody has their own ideas but based on my own experience; visual observation  and feedback from others the answer seems to be to find the deeper water spots and fish deep down almost dragging bottom. For those members not too familiar with our Lake the deep water spots are the first 5 swims up from the club hut; the two swims just to the right of the big willow on the south bank down from the club hut; the outlet on the east bank; the gravels and adjacent swims on the north bank; the top north west corner and the middle of the west bank by the willow tree. The shallower areas of the lake such as the top bay are just not producing at all in this warm weather. As to methods well I know of fish being taken on slow sink and intermediate lines with weighted damsels inched slowly along at depth. Hi-D lines with various coloured boobies although orange seems popular have also produced and the odd fish has been taken by fishing a floating line with long leader and gold head pattern fished very, very slowly at depth.   So summing up it seems you have to find yourself a deep spot , fish deep and slow and above all persevere as the fish at present are not going to give themselves up easily. Enjoy the challenge.

Roger – 30.05.20