Our Lake

The lake is a 20 acre reclaimed gravel pit. A wonderful group of members maintain the lake and the swims to a very high standard. The Club works closely with the EA and other authorities to ensure that water quality is good and pH, oxygen and other readings are regularly monitored. The Club as been taking a lead with the EA in a project trying to reduce argulus.

The fish are stocked from The River Gwash Trout Farm, Stamford and average 1 kilogram.

You have to keep smiling

At least the fish don’t mind the rain.

In the summer months June – September limited course fishing offers great fun for members only. Roach; rudd; pike, tench; perch; and the odd bream can all be caught.

Environment Agency Report on Our Lake

Topographical map of our lake done by the Environment Agency.


Right click on the map and click view to enlarge it.

River Wensum

The Club also has the River Wensum running through it, with fishing rights. There is about half a mile of river bank and chub roach, dace, perch, and pike can all be caught.

Argulus project report

Dennis Willis has just completed a written report on our ongoing battle with argulus in our lake. As you know argulus is not kind to trout and Dennis, Alan and Graham have worked very hard over the last three years to remove thousands of eggs from the lake. The results have been very noticeable.

Please take time to read Dennis’s report and the EA guidelines. If you want to share his report with anyone outside the Club please check with him as the report is his copyright.

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