Lake Opens on the 28th Jan

Dear All,

A little good news for a change!

We have looked at the lake this morning and, whilst there is still an excess of about 3-4 inches of water in the lake, it will fishable and open to anglers on Thursday morning onwards (said he – hoping like hell that we do not have too much rain in the meantime!); but under the same Covid restrictions and advice as before i.e. it is up to you, and if you do go, stay safe and socially distance!

The water is a little dirty still, but we did see one or two fish moving around this morning.

However, given the bank erosion and general mess around the West bank and Haul Road area, we have to restrict fishing to the South, East and North banks only; and please access the North bank via the South and East banks, leaving the West bank closed.

Moreover, there is still a lot of water and ice around; so, please take great care and do not fish from any of the swims that are still covered with water and/or ice – it is very soggy and slippy out there.

Finally, for those intrepid few who can take vehicles lakeside due to mobility issues, you are strongly advised not to do so if you can avoid it. However, if you do take a vehicle around the lake, only use the South, East and North banks; but no further than the gravels, and be extra careful turning around.

Enough of the “don’ts” – do enjoy yourself down at the lake if you can!

All the Best,