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LATEST Fishing Report 11th July

Fishery Report at Sunday 11th July 2021

Despite water temperatures going down a few degrees over the last week (it was 19.3 degrees when I checked today- Sunday) it is still far too warm for any number of our trout to feed and this is reflected in the catches over the last 14 days. 45 rod visits resulted  in only 10 trout being caught with best weighing in at 2.2 lbs. Very few rising fish have been seen although I am told one or two fish have been ‘seen up’ either early or late in the day. I know that two of the fish caught were taken on an intermediate line with small bead headed damsel and I am given to understand some of the other fish were caught using surface patterns pulled fairly quickly across the top but I have not had this confirmed. I fear that our trout fishing will now continue in the doldrums for a few weeks more yet so if you do go down be prepared for some hard and challenging fishing. Or why not forget the fishing, just take a picnic and enjoy time there and perhaps a walk around the lake – thanks to all the work of the maintenance gang there are most certainly far worse places to spend a pleasant hour or two. Or indeed why not try the coarse fishing on offer. Some super tench (one member had 8 in a session; another 6); big roach and some fine rudd have been caught and you just never know what our lake will turn up next!

Anyway whatever you do just enjoy it knowing that ‘time does seem to fly by quickly’ (especially as we get older) and before you know it autumn will be here and our stocking will re-commence.

Kind regards to you all.


Memorial seat

This seat has been kindly donated in memory of all those who are no longer with us, especially those who have left us in recent times.

It gives a wonderful view of the lake and is the perfect place to stop, have lunch, coffee etc and remember those who will fish here no longer. You can also try and spot some fish.

However please note it is not a fishing spot; so no fishing please.