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Fishery Report 3rd – 15th January 2020 – Well sad to say but as I write this our lake is flooded for the second time in 3 weeks with the unprecedented rainfall on Tuesday night causing the river to rise by a good 2 feet and burst it’s bank throughout the Wensum Valley. I understand all the platforms are covered but the water is reasonably clear and fishing with care is allowed. It will be interesting to see if our fish feed as well in this flood as they did three weeks ago during the last one when some very respectable bags were taken. Up to the flood 68 trout had been taken in this period to 53  rod visits with nearly all the fish taken being 2lb + with the biggest rainbow weighing 3lb 4 oz and the best brownie (picture on this website) weighing 4lb 7 oz. A really lovely conditioned fish – well done Graham.

The most effective methods would seem to be an intermediate / Di 3 line fished about 6 or 7 feet down with small lures such as cats whiskers; orange tadpole; damsel or fry pattern producing fish. I also did hear of a fish or two being taken on a black buzzer fished deep on a floating line and longish leader to ‘get down a bit’. Spots that I know have produced fish during this period are the west bank towards the north west corner; the swims between the small island on the north bank and cromer pier; the swims in the reeds at the east end; the last four platforms at the bottom of the south bank and the swims just in front of the club hut. Season to date has seen 7432 fish stocked and 4982 caught giving a stocked v caught figure of 67%. Let’s hope that the last 4 weeks of the season can continue to provide some reasonable fishing for those hardy ones who like the challenge that winter fishing can provide and help to put a percentage or two on our catch returns.

Roger 15.01.2020