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  1. Saturday 15th February 2020 – Trout/Pike 2019/20 season ends.


Sunday 1st March 2020 – New season starts (8 fish limit for the first week; 80 fish seasonal total.
Saturday 25th April – Eyebrook Trip
Sunday 31st May – Eric Kett Trophy
Saturday 14th June 2020 until Saturday 13th September 2020 – coarse fishing allowed (members only.
Saturday 26th September – Eyebrook Trip
Sunday 11th October – Frank Wright Trophy
Sunday 1st November 2020 to 13th February 2021 – coarse fishing for pike only (members plus day guest members).
Sunday 1st November – AGM
Sunday 15th November – Club Lunch tbc
Sunday 13th December – Winter Fishing Match
Saturday 13th February 2021– Trout and pike season ends.



Well this period of 12 days has seen 118 rod visits account for 164 trout with the best just under 4lbs and 156 of 2lb + with a ‘good few’ 3 pounders thrown  in. Lovely conditioned fish they are too and all are giving a good account of themselves when hooked with one or two  members reporting  ‘being taken down to the backing’ by the hard fighting fish. Location, location remains the key with small shoals of fish inhabiting certain areas. These recently have included the swims just up from the Club Hut; the west bank from the willow to the north west corner and the gravels and cromer pier on the north bank. As to what to use well fish have been taken on floating lines with buzzers, gold heads such as small damsels and weighted cats whisker and   intermediates with small lures in black and green; orange and white. I am sure also other patterns have caught so do be prepared to vary your methods. This was ably illustrated over this last 12 days as the Saturday before last I was down and buzzers were ‘ the thing to have on’, last Saturday small lures were working best with very few takes on buzzers. So in a nutshell be prepared to go looking to find the fish; explore different depths and be prepared to change patterns. In other words to get the best out of the current fishing ‘flexibility in your approach’ is a key factor. Also at present best times would seem to be from late morning to early afternoon with very little taken either early or late.



‘Festive and free’ Winter Match on Sunday 15th December.

Members only.

There will be the usual 3 fishing sessions between 09.30 and 12.30, according to Club rules with a maximum of 2 flies per cast and a 6-fish limit.

A ‘lucky dip’ will replace the raffle, and we therefore ask that all participants donate one wrapped unisex present to the value of about £5.00. Food for the festive season will be kindly provided by Fred Lines, and there will also be mulled wine and coffee/tea. The Club will bear the cost of the event, including the monetary prizes; so, come and get some Christmas spirit!