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LATEST Fishing Report 6th April

Fishery Report 13/04/2021

Fishery Report at 13th April 2021- This last week has seen 67 rods account for 161 trout giving a rod visit catch of 2.4 fish per visit. 122 of these were 2lbs and over and 13 over 3lbs. Best fish was just on 4lbs.  1677 fish have been taken season to date with 3424 stocked. A further 459 were stocked today the 13th April making  a total season stocking of 3883. No stocking will take place next week but a delivery is planned for 27th April. The fish are now hard on buzzers and showing well. Members fishing a couple of  lightish weight black buzzers have done well although the old ‘black and green lure’ pulled fairly quickly is still catching. I also know of fish being taken from right in the surface film on shiphams and various emergers. Fish are well spread around the lake but probably the most productive areas have been the swims on the south bank just up and down from the club hut; the top bay; the west bank from the willow to north west corner and the gravels and adjacent swims on the north bank.  Wind direction and strength obviously play a bit part on where and how you can fish so again please do be prepared to move around if your ‘favorite spot’ is not producing.

Enjoy your fishing


something that made me smile.

First time back at the lake this morning and although it was difficult and the NE wind was very cold, there was something that made me smile.

On the side of the track back from the gravels, just past the sheds was a lovely show of cowslips (sorry about the photo). But they really made me smile; as did hearing a Cettis warbler singing away. (Thanks Louis).