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Fishery report at 19th November 2020

10th November to 19th November. Again some good fishing for those who found the fish. 200 trout were taken for 111 visits with 162 fish being 2lb +. A final stocking of 360 fish went in on Tuesday making a total for the season of 6430 of which 3488 have been caught to date. Although some fish are still near the top on the whole they have tended to ‘have gone down a bit’ with intermediate and slow sink lines proving more productive especially if coupled with some small blobs or boobies,  cormorants, or montanas.   However floating lines with gold head patterns such as black and green; damsels; cats whisker and  small black patterns have proved effective especially on the calmer days when the fish tended to be nearer the surface.  The most productive areas, obviously subject to wind strength and direction,  would seem to be the north bank from Cromer Pier up to the north west corner; the middle of the west bank and the first six or seven swims up from the Club Pavilion on the south bank. As reported last time surprisingly enough the top bay and down by the outlet does not seem to be holding many fish yet but I am sure it will not be too long before these normally productive winter areas start to produce a few fish. I do hope so anyway as these are very pleasant areas to fish.

Anyway wishing you all the very best with your winter fishing.


FISHY TAILS – something to make you smile.

A ‘fishy’ tail for you all.

I was standing on my platform, looking hopefully out from the second stage up from the South East corner, waiting for a fish…any fish… to take my dry fly when a young chap, a rarity by any measure, came up and pointed out there was an orange streak moving slowly through the water about 5 metres out.

It looked like a fly line, and putting two and two together, we deduced that it was a line lost by a senior member of the club (that narrows it down I’m sure) who was fishing at the outflow. He was broken by a fish earlier in the morning and his line had snapped at the start of the backing. Moving at the speed of greased indifference I stumbled gracefully into action and cast my dry fly over the orange line hoping to snag it. I’m sure at this point you have worked out why I failed. Yep. Dry flies don’t sink. Doh. So to effect a quick(ish) rescue I hooked my dry fly though the eye of a gold head black and green lure and cast over the fly line which was just under the surface. My first cast sank the flies beautifully into the jaws of a waiting trout, which held on running around the end of the rogue line and eventually into my net.

A second cast at the rogue line saw a neat pick up and a gentle retrieve brought part of the line into my waiting hands. On completion of the rescue a second trout (over summer fish) was dispatched.

I coiled the line and returned to the grateful owner.

I now have three dilemmas about breaking club rules.

  1. can a member fish with a double pointed hook (dry and lure in the same place on the line)
  2. Is hand lining legal, or should I have used a rod to land the second fish?
  3. Should I have given the offending trout to the line owner ?

I throw myself on the mercy of this court.

From an anonymous Treasurer

Working Party Nov 1st

There will be a second working party on Sunday 1st November, starting at 09.30 am and hopefully finishing at about 1 pm. To illustrate the scale of work required at this working party, we will need to fill and position approximately 300 sandbags alongside the planking along the West bank. Once the sandbags in place, we will need to transport the topsoil from the car park to the West bank and then spread this over the planking and sand bags. Once the topsoil is in place, we will finally have to spread grass seed over the area.

Depending upon the numbers of people we can get to help, we also have to consider filling the potholes on the access, and possible a few refinements down at the outlet.

We therefore have a lot to do, and desperately need as many workers as possible to do your bit for the Club. We managed the rule of six very well last Sunday, and will continue to do the same on 1st November, with 3 separate groups allocated to sand bag filling, sand bag transportation and sandbag positioning. We could then do with 3 further groups to fill the trailers with topsoil, positioning the topsoil, and then bedding it in and spreading grass seed.

If time and the number of workers permit, we can also employ 2 more groups of six filling potholes in the car park and gate area, with the second working from the Worthing Road gate. However, this will very much require good weather as we cannot fill the holes if they are full of water or it is too cold.

My total of the above effort required is equal to about 48 people! So, please don’t be shy – do come along and help the Club out – we need every one of you! Please pass this message on to any members you know of that do not use e mail – thanks.

On other news and pleas for help – if there is anyone out there with about 10kg of grass seed going begging, the Club will be eternally grateful?