January 12th 9.30 to 12.30

The main effort will be filling 300 sandbags and placing them in the appropriate positions. As well as that there are lots of Potholes to fill in and tree cuttings to burn. So plenty for everyone to get involved in.

Bring your own personal protective clothing; rakes, spades/shovels, forks, mattocks and/or picks, fire lighting equipment and the occasional wheelbarrow.

I believe there will be soup and hopefully rolls at the end of morning.

Also collect your 2020 membership card.


A bent rod – that is the sight we want to see. There are plenty of the fish in the lake, it is just a question of finding them. When you do they really fight well.

See Roger’s latest fishing report for some clues but the main clue is to keep moving.

Good luck to all those taking part in this Sunday’s match. Don’t forget it is free, with refreshments, but you will need to bring a unisex present (value up to £5).



  1. Saturday 15th February 2020 – Trout/Pike 2019/20 season ends.


Sunday 1st March 2020 – New season starts (8 fish limit for the first week; 80 fish seasonal total.
Saturday 25th April – Eyebrook Trip
Sunday 31st May – Eric Kett Trophy
Saturday 14th June 2020 until Saturday 13th September 2020 – coarse fishing allowed (members only.
Saturday 26th September – Eyebrook Trip
Sunday 11th October – Frank Wright Trophy
Sunday 1st November 2020 to 13th February 2021 – coarse fishing for pike only (members plus day guest members).
Sunday 1st November – AGM
Sunday 15th November – Club Lunch tbc
Sunday 13th December – Winter Fishing Match
Saturday 13th February 2021– Trout and pike season ends.

Norfolk Fly Fishers' Club