His First Trout.

Alerted by a shout from the next swim 

I wondered what’s happened to him.

Fighting hard and splashing around

and with no help into the net then onto the ground

“I’m not a virgin any more, this is my first ever trout”

That wasn’t a call but another shout.

“I’m over the moon and I feel like him on telly 

Bob Mortimer’s the feller and my legs are like jelly”.

From naturalist and  ornithologist now to trout angler

Welcome on board George you’ve become a dangler.

Memorial seat

This seat has been kindly donated in memory of all those who are no longer with us, especially those who have left us in recent times.

It gives a wonderful view of the lake and is the perfect place to stop, have lunch, coffee etc and remember those who will fish here no longer. You can also try and spot some fish.

However please note it is not a fishing spot; so no fishing please.

Norfolk Fly Fishers' Club