Working Party

NFC working party at Holkham Lake this Sunday 4th October, starting at 9 am. All being well, we will be finished by 12 noon.

The plan is very weather dependent between now and then, and indeed the weather on the day – the forecast at the moment is for light rain showers; so watch this space in case we have to cancel at the last minute.

Also complicating the planned work is the fact that the lake has been flooded for the last couple of days to a depth of about 15 inches – the water is draining out fast now; thanks to all the work down at the outlet by the Maintenance Team and other helpers, but the ground is pretty soggy, and there is more light rain between now and Sunday.

However, if we get a fair wind, the plan for Sunday is: to undertake some sand bagging work down at the outlet where the flood water has eroded the IDB drain banking; to undertake the planking and sandbagging along the West bank of the IDB drain, and finally to fill some of the potholes in the car park and access track. The jobs will be undertaken in that order of priority, subject to the weather, state of the ground and the number of members turning up. In accordance with government guidelines, we propose to follow the Rule of Six and social distancing; so we will arrange small groups of members working separately on the individual tasks – one group of six at the outlet, one filling sandbags, one positioning the planking and stakes on the West bank and another positioning the sandbags, and a final one or two groups working on the potholes if numbers allow.

So, apart from your own personal protection gear, please bring along shovels/spades/mattocks, picks and the occasional rake and wheelbarrow. Andre Howell and I will attempt to provide some limited sustenance (coffee/biscuits) to keep you going during the morning.

We hope to see as many of you as possible on Sunday. Please do pass the message on to any members you know who are not on e mail.