Working Party Nov 1st

There will be a second working party on Sunday 1st November, starting at 09.30 am and hopefully finishing at about 1 pm. To illustrate the scale of work required at this working party, we will need to fill and position approximately 300 sandbags alongside the planking along the West bank. Once the sandbags in place, we will need to transport the topsoil from the car park to the West bank and then spread this over the planking and sand bags. Once the topsoil is in place, we will finally have to spread grass seed over the area.

Depending upon the numbers of people we can get to help, we also have to consider filling the potholes on the access, and possible a few refinements down at the outlet.

We therefore have a lot to do, and desperately need as many workers as possible to do your bit for the Club. We managed the rule of six very well last Sunday, and will continue to do the same on 1st November, with 3 separate groups allocated to sand bag filling, sand bag transportation and sandbag positioning. We could then do with 3 further groups to fill the trailers with topsoil, positioning the topsoil, and then bedding it in and spreading grass seed.

If time and the number of workers permit, we can also employ 2 more groups of six filling potholes in the car park and gate area, with the second working from the Worthing Road gate. However, this will very much require good weather as we cannot fill the holes if they are full of water or it is too cold.

My total of the above effort required is equal to about 48 people! So, please don’t be shy – do come along and help the Club out – we need every one of you! Please pass this message on to any members you know of that do not use e mail – thanks.

On other news and pleas for help – if there is anyone out there with about 10kg of grass seed going begging, the Club will be eternally grateful?